Safety and QC

‘My Reason for Safety’

Here at RM Myers Corp, we are very particular when it comes to safety measures and QC methods. Our team is always responsible for the safety precautions on site. This implies to you as well as our contractors.

Our Assurance

Well-Trained Staff

Well-Trained Staff

Every member is certified through RM Myers Corporation Safety, Health, and Wellness training that includes the following.

  • DISA
  • DCCH Consortium and PHMSA
  • Alcohol and Drug Policies
  • IIPP
  • Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Veriforce
Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings

Safety meetings are held regularly where every member recognizes and is aware of all the potential hazards, safety protocols, and the equipment needed on-site. All employees are trained and tested in auditing performed through Veriforce and NCMS.


We have an expert field project supervisor who handles all the safety meetings. That is when every member of the crew is asked about their ‘Reason for Safety.’ This motivates every single member to keep all the safety precautions in check. Our goal is to implement this core value in every member of our team.
Well-Trained Staff

Tasks Approved by Veriforce Operator Qualification Program

  • 2.2 49 CFR 192.461 – Properly applying external protective coatings for corrosion control.
  • 2.14 49 CFR 192.485 – Recognizing general and localized corrosion: Transmission.
  • 2.15 49 CFR 192.487 – Recognizing widespread and localized corrosion: Distribution.

Employee Quotes