RM Myers Corporation

Our Story

RM Myers Corporation

RM Myers Corporation handles projects of all sizes with careful and precise skills.

Bree Hughes (President and CEO) and Ron Myers (Vice President and Senior Project Manager) individually train and share their experiences with all project supervisors and workers hired at R.M. Myers Corporation. Bree and Ron, along with their team, oversee every project by being present on site.

Meet Our Founder Ron Myers Jr.

Ron Myers Jr. began his career in 1980, where he was employed by a large commercial and industrial insulation company. By 1986, his career continued into the asbestos abatement field, working nine years with the Long Beach School District and he has spent several years specializing in project management and sales. He has dealt directly with client relations, state and local agencies, subcontractors, material suppliers, transportation, and disposal customers.

Our Vision

RM maintains the highest standard of quality while continually improving through innovative and advanced methods for the best production of our client’s environmental needs. Working with Southern California’s prestige clientele, our greatest achievement has been to adapt to every environmental concern our clients came across.

RM Myers Corporation is knowledgeable in various areas of asbestos contractor jobs, including:

  • Building demolition
  • Hazardous asbestos
  • Non-hazardous asbestos removal
  • Lead and paint removal containment at facilities
  • Core drilling for IH testing assistance
  • Mold remediation
  • Contractor installation assistance
  • Transite removal
  • Cable pull assistance
  • Hazardous material stabilization
  • Containment construction
  • Paint or other coating application
  • Pipeline coating abatement procedures
  • Paint and parking lot demolition
  • Recoating and encapsulation
  • Pipeline & steel recycling support
  • Waste packaging and manifesting for proper disposal

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